View Mode

Select a dashboard from the navigation menu and it will be displayed in view mode.

View mode is used to gather information and reports about the data set to display in your dashboard. Information in the dashboard is dynamically updated based on the reporting period set at the top of the page.

View Mode

Some components, such as graphs, will display more information upon hovering over certain elements.

Graph Hover

Dashboard Controls

Each component has three icons in the top right corner:

  • The first icon reloads the component display.
  • The second icon maximises the component into a full-screen display, this is particularly useful for graphs. Click again to return to regular display.
  • Hover over the third icon to show a tooltip with information about what that component is displaying.
Component Controls

To change components and update dashboard settings, click the ‘Go to Edit Mode’ button in the top right corner underneath the client name.

Go to Edit Mode

Reporting Period

By default, the reporting period is set to the current day. To change the time span for the information displayed on the dashboard use the reporting period fields.

Click on the fields to select the start and end date/time using the dropdown menu. Select the date using the calendar, and select the hour and minute using the sliders. Text can also be typed into these fields manually.

Time Picker

Click ‘Search’ to update the dashboard with the new query.

There are two icons to the right of the Search button. The first icon will save the current search and the second will print the results of the current search.