Saved Searches

To create a new saved search, first select the desired reporting period on a dashboard and click the save icon to the right of ‘Search’.

New Saved Search

You will be presented a form to save the search. Give the search a name, review and edit the search as necessary, then click ’Save’.

Save Search Form

Viewing Saved Searches

Select the ’Saved Searches’ option in the navigation menu to view the searches you’ve saved.

Saved Searches

Each saved search is displayed with the name assigned upon saving, as well as the range of the search and when the search was saved. Columns can be sorted by ascending or descending order by clicking the arrows in the table headers.

There are three control buttons on the right of the search information:

  • ‘Select’ will perform the search on your dashboards. You will be automatically redirected to the first dashboard on your list, however you can navigate to any other dashboard and the selected search will remain. A prompt will display in the reporting period, with the ability to remove the search period.
Performing Saved Search
  • ‘Delete’ removes the saved search. This action is permanent and un-reversable.
  • ‘Share’ allows you to share the search with the rest of your organisation. Shared searches appear for all users to view in a second table underneath saved searches. You must be a manager or administrator to be able to share a search.
Shared Searches