Map View

Select the ’Map’ option in the navigation menu to access the map view.

The map view section is a heatmap visualisation of your network's venue and access point data. Using the search functions, information about user connections and movement patterns can be viewed.

Map View

Performing Searches

Use the search feature to see all connections for the desired timeframe. Results are filtered using date and time selection as well as by venue.

By default, the search period is set to the current day with all venues selected.

Map Search Period

If your network has multiple venues, you can click the venues field to display a dropdown checklist to decide what will be included in the search.

Click on the date/time fields to select the start and end date/time using the dropdown menu. Select the date using the calendar, and select the hour and minute using the sliders. Text can also be typed into these fields manually.

Once the search has been applied, the results will show on the map. Hover over a section to see how many connections were in that area. The total amount of connections for the search period is displayed in the 'Popular' tab underneath the search fields.

Map View Hover

Origins & Destinations

The origin and destination sections allow you view the movement patterns of users based on the selected search period.

Select either the 'Origin' or 'Destination' tab underneath the search fields. Edit the time to query before or after the search period by clicking and dragging the slider, which moves in 5 minute increments from a range of 5 to 60 minutes.

Map Origin Destination

After clicking 'Show' the new results will be displayed on the map, along with a table underneath the settings which displays location and connection information for the query.

Map Connection Info