Getting Started

Logging In & Out

Log in using your provided credentials. This will be your email address and password.

Your password is stored securely and cannot be seen by administrators. An account administrator can reset credentials for you if you’ve forgotten.

Logging In

Leaving the interface idle for one hour will cause your session to time out.

You can manually log out at any time using the 'log out' button after selecting the dropdown in the top right-hand corner.

Logging Out

Client Select

If you use the dashboard interface across multiple distinct platforms or clients, you can change the current client by selecting the dropdown in the top right-hand corner.

Client Select

Navigate the dynamic dashboards interface using the menu on the left-hand side.

Click the menu icon (three bars) at the top of the list to show an expanded view of the menu items with associated dashboard and page names. Likewise, clicking the menu icon again returns to the compact view.


Use the navigation menu to: