Edit Mode

Selecting Components

Once a dashboard has been created, use edit mode to assign components to the sections of the dashboard.

Edit Mode

To assign a component, click the arrow icon in the top right of the section. This will display a table with a list of all available components to select from, as well as some additional information such as the category of the data and a description explaining the component.

Component Select

The components table can be filtered by category of data, and the search bar will query component names and descriptions.

This list is based on the reporting data available for your organisation. For help with understanding particular data sets or requests for additional components, please contact Eyemagnet Support.

Component Parameters

Click ’Select’ on the desired component and you will be prompted to edit the component parameters.

Component Parameters

’Title’ allows you to change the name of this component as it is displayed on the dashboard. If left blank, the title will be the default name.

’Refresh time’ allows you to change how often the component will refresh to display any new or updated information when idle on the dashboard. A low refresh time can potentially cause excess loading times if dealing with queries of large length or volume. The minimum value for this field is 30 seconds and the maximum is 3600 (1 hour). If left blank, the default value is 0 which means it will not automatically refresh.

Click ‘Save’ and the component will now be assigned to the section.

Editing Components

After a component has been assigned to a section, there are additional settings when in edit mode.

Component Settings

Three icons are displayed in the top right of the component:

  • The first icon clears the component and returns the section to the empty state.
  • The second icon allows you to assign a different component to the section.
  • The third icon allows you to edit the parameters for the component (title and refresh time).

Components can also be re-arranged by using drag and drop functionality. Hover over the component you would like to move, and when the directional icon appears, drag the component into the new position and the two will be switched.

Drag and Drop

Dashboard Settings

In addition to assigning and editing components, edit mode allows you to change settings for the dashboard.

Dashboard Settings

Three icons appear next to the name of the dashboard:

  • The first icon allows you to edit the dashboard’s name and template.
  • The second icon allows you to share the dashboard with the rest of your organisation. Shared dashboards appear for all users to view in the menu navigation (but only the original creator can edit it). You must be a manager or administrator to be able to share a dashboard.
  • The third icon deletes the dashboard. This action is permanent and un-reversable.

When finished with edit mode, click the ‘Go to View Mode’ button in the top right corner underneath the client name.

Go to View Mode