Screen Information

Once a screen has been selected, the screen information pane will be displayed. In this section the following parameters can be edited:

  • Name - Changes the name of the screen in the CMS.
  • Current Channel - Sets the channel that the screen will play.
  • Default Channel - Sets the default channel that the screen will play upon reverting to default on the dashboard (see Default Channels).
  • Emergency Channel - Sets the emergency channel that the screen will play upon reverting to emergency on the dashboard (see Emergency Channels).
  • Tags - Assign tags to the screen - used in conjunction with media tags within playlists to target specific screens.
  • Rotation - Sets the orientation of the screen, i.e. Landscape, Portrait etc.
  • Comments - Allows free text for any commentary or notes around a particular screen.
  • Volume - Sets the output volume of the screen.
Screen Information

Saving and Reverting Screens

After a screen is selected, two buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Screen Controls

'Save' will save any changes made and also synchronise the changes to the screen.

'Revert' will revert any changes made to the screen.


Select a screen and click the camera icon above the screen information to view a real-time screenshot of what content is currently playing. This is used to remotely confirm what is showing on the screen.

Screen Preview ButtonScreen Preview

If you want to refresh the screenshot to view an updated preview, click the image and the screenshot will be reloaded.

Screen Status

The icon next to the camera will display the online status of the device powering the screen. As the screen is first being checked, a loading icon will appear. This will turn into a green WiFi icon if the screen is online or a red WiFi icon with a cross if the screen is offline. Click the icon to re-check the status.

Screen StatusScreen Status Buttons

Impression Reporting

Underneath the screen information is the Impression Reporting pane. An 'impression' is a single time media has played on a screen. If the selected screen has only recently been assigned a channel, this section will initially be empty as playback statistics need to be gathered first.

Once the screen has been assigned a channel to play, the impression information will build over time. Select a start and end date & time to query, and the bar graph will dynamically display hours, days, months or years based on the range.

Screen Impressions

Each individual media item set to play on the screen will appear as a different colour on the bars. Hover over any section to view detailed information relating to playback within that time period:

  • Total Impressions - The total amount of times the content has played.
  • Seconds Total - The total amount of seconds the content has played for.
  • Share of Voice - The total percentage of time this content has played for in relation to other media set to play on the screen.
Screen Impressions Hover

Click the 'Export' button to download a .csv file with all of the impression information for the selected time period.