Creating Playlists

In the Playlists section, click the green 'New' button at the bottom of the screen. The new playlist window will then display.

New Playlist

Within the Playlist Settings section, add a name for the new playlist, select a background colour (if required) and then assign a template.

New Playlist Settings


To assign a template, click the template field and a list of available display templates will appear.

Select the template relevant to the screen type you are displaying on (e.g. Full Screen Landscape, Full Screen Portrait, L-Wrap with Message and Ticker, etc). Templates can also be searched for by name after clicking the search icon.

Playlist Templates

Content can not be added to a playlist until a template is selected.

The template list has been set up based on the requirements for your venue. If you require a template which is not in the list, please contact Eyemagnet Support to have a new template added.

Once all settings have been completed, click 'Save' to create the new playlist.