Use the 'Multi-select' button to edit more than one piece of media at a time.

After the button is clicked, a check-box will appear next to each media item for selection. Search functionality can also be used while in Multi-select mode. In addition, selecting the first piece of media, holding the ‘shift’ key and then selecting the last piece of media will also select any media items in between the two.

To finalise the selection, press 'Select'.

Multi Select

Editing Settings with Multi-Select

To edit a parameter while in Multi-select mode, select the checkbox next to the parameter you would like to change and edit the parameter as necessary. Once complete, select 'Save' to complete any changes.

To delete multiple images at once, simply select the 'Delete' button and confirm. Do note that if any of the media items are in an existing playlists, this action will not be completed.

Multi Select Editing

The multi-select functionality can also be used for Playlists, Channels and Screens.