Media Information

Once a particular piece of media is selected, a preview of the content will be shown. The display name can be edited within the Settings panel.

A comments section is also available for additional notes about each piece of media – i.e. version notes, revision notes, campaign information, etc. Comments can also be useful when searching for media.

Media Settings

Additionally, a link can be added from the list of available websites for any click-through functionality (on Captive Portals only).

Reading File Information and Properties

Within the Media Information pane, details about the file size, resolution and file type are all displayed.

If playback is not smooth it may be worth checking that the file size is not abnormally large for that specific media item. Additionally, the resolution information can be used to verify that the content matches the type of template you are using it on.

Media Info

Impression Reporting

Underneath the media information is the Impression Reporting pane. An 'impression' is a single time media has played on a screen. If the selected content has only recently been uploaded, this section will initially be empty as playback statistics need to be gathered first.

Once the media item has been scheduled to play, the impression information will build over time. Select a start and end date & time to query, and the bar graph will dynamically display hours, days, months or years based on the range.

Media Impressions

If the media item has been set to play on multiple screens, each screen will appear as a different colour on the bars. Hover over any section to view detailed information relating to playback within that time period:

  • Total Impressions - The total amount of times the content has played.
  • Seconds Total - The total amount of seconds the content has played for.
  • Share of Voice - The total percentage of time this content has played for in relation to other media set to play on the screen.
Media Impressions Hover

Click the 'Export' button to download a .csv file with all of the impression information for the selected time period.