Managing Media

Saving, Reverting and Deleting Media

Once a media item is selected, three buttons will appear at the bottom of the section.

Media Controls

'Save' will save any changes made and also reflect these changes into any playlists that the media item has been added to.

'Revert' will revert any changes made to the media item.

'Delete' will remove the media item from the CMS. A popup will appear to confirm the deletion action. If the piece of media is currently scheduled in a playlist you will not be able to delete the media until it has been removed from the corresponding playlist. A notification will appear to prompt the user on which playlist the media item is currently scheduled in. Clicking on the playlist name will take you directly to the playlist.

Media Delete Message

Downloading Media

Once a media item has been uploaded, it can be re-downloaded direct to your device but clicking the 'Download' button in a media information section.

Media Download