Channel Schedules

Adding Playlists to Channels

To start adding playlists, click on the + button on the right-hand side of the Entries pane.

Add to Channel

This will bring up a list of all available playlists. To help find playlists easily within this list, playlists can be searched for in the same way as described in Searching Playlists.

After locating the desired playlist, click on it to add it to the channel. Repeat this for as many playlists as required.

Once playlists have been added to the channel, the ‘drag and drop’ functionality can be used by clicking and holding on the six dots next to each playlist and dragging them to the correct position.

Playlists can be removed by clicking on the red ‘bin’ icon on the right of each media item.

Channel Drag Drop Delete

Playlist Parameters

To edit the parameters of a playlist that is added to a channel, click on the playlist in the Channels pane.

Channel Parameters

There are five main parameters to edit for each playlist item in a channel:

  • Start Date - This sets the first date the playlist will be scheduled for.
  • End Date - This sets the last date the playlist will be scheduled for.
  • Start Time - This sets the time the playlist will start on each day it is scheduled for.
  • End Time - This sets the first date the playlist will end on each day it is scheduled for.
  • Weekdays - The Weekdays selection can be used to limit the days that media item can be played on.

As an example, the playlist entry shown above will play only on weekdays, between 8am and 8pm for the month of March.

The volume controller can also be used to vary the volume outputted by the screen playing the specific playlist.

To navigate back to the list of playlists in the channel, click 'Channels' at the top of the pane.

Channel Parameters Navigation

Calendar View

By selecting the calendar icon at the top-right of the Channels pane, the Calendar View will appear. This will display the scheduled playlists in an easy to view format. Click on a playlist section within the calendar to edit the parameters for that playlist.

Calendar ToggleCalendar View

In the above example, the playlist is scheduled along with another playlist playing Monday to Friday at the same times of day. Because the first playlist has been dragged to the top in the playlist order, it will over-ride other playlist scheduled at the same time.

To switch back to list view, click the list icon where the calendar icon was previously.

Once all changes to the channel have been completed, click 'Save' to commit the changes.