Using Software Encoders

Software encoders are used to play complex image and video reels, and additionally, any content that requires external feeds i.e. Websites, XML feeds and others.

To use a software encoder, a two-step process needs to be followed:

1. Scheduling the Software Encoder

  • First, create a playlist and set a schedule containing all the relevant content you wish to play on the screen.
  • Assign the schedule to the screen Software Encoder XXX.
  • At this point, the software encoder will start playing the scheduled content and encode it into stream that a Set Top Box can play.

2. Playing the Software Encoder on a screen

  • Create a new schedule and add one of the relevant playlists:
    • TV : Software Encoder 1 - Stream 1
    • TV : Software Encoder 1 - Stream 2
    • TV : Software Encoder 2 - Stream 3
    • TV : Software Encoder 2 - Stream 4
      Note: Stream 2 and 4 will only be available when configured to run a dual-screen template.
  • Select any relevant streams and change the channel to the new schedule created.
  • At this point, the screen will now play the relevant software channel.

Where a playlist is created and scheduled to play on Software Encoder 001, the playlist used for the Screen would be TV : Software Encoder 1 – Stream 1.